It’s That Time

Most of the people who claim to be that were not even around when he was boxing….Growing up in my era, boxing was an event. No mma,no ufc, no thousands of cable channels, no internet, no cel phones, no pc’s or laptops, no ppv (the horror of none of it). People would have boxing parties at their houses that would be bigger than the super bowl parties of today. One I remember and pretty sure it was the Thrilla in Manilla. I was 18. The guy had 4 19″ tv’s set up in different rooms, kegs of beer, and at least 75 people there. That was boxing then. We all knew Ali was good but some people had issues with his style and bravado. His NOI, Black Panther, “draft dodger”, conversion to Islam etc riled a lot of people. I will never see anyone like him again in any sport and I am sure my kids won’t either. In the end, he was one hell of a boxer, one hell of a humanitarian, one hell of a showman and he will be missed.

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